New Dreamshifters Covers

We’ve all heard the old saying about not judging a book by its cover, but the fact is everyone does it. Even if we don’t think we’re influenced by the design of a book, our subconscious mind uses it to make a snap decision about whether to pick it up and read the back, or

FFF: How Different

I bring the coffees to the table, settle into the comfy chair. “How was your day?” I ask, and I’m genuinely interested.

FFF: Speed

The nose of the machine approaches a tight left hander. He accelerates. The back slides out, but doesn’t come unstuck.

Voyage Out In Paperback

After a slight delay, Noah’s Ark: Voyage is now out in paperback. Seeing the book in print brings home just how much longer it is than the other books in the series. You can order from, and all good book shops. If your local store doesn’t have any in stock, they can order it

A Better Writing Tool

I do a lot of DIY. I wouldn’t call it a hobby, I don’t think I enjoy it enough for that. I do spend a significant amount of time getting my hands dirty though. I’ve built and rendered block walls, I’ve done insulation, dry-walling, plastering, and lots and lots of painting. I’ve ripped up and

FFF: Body Parts

This is my inaugural Flash Fiction Friday post, a (hopefully) regular feature where I share some very short stories.

Harry’s Blog

After much deliberation, and a good deal of inner monologue, I have decided to start a blog. It’s a place where I can spew out random thoughts, link to things I like and that I think my readers might enjoy, and also where I can shamelessly promote my books as they are released (like Noah’s